10 ways EMF protection can improve the health of your home

Our homes are our sanctuaries. The place we unwind, spend time with our loved ones and pursue some of our most important life goals.

This space is also one where we’re connected to a range of digital devices. Everything from our smartphones to Wi-Fi routers and even our microwaves are everyday items that emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

While exposure to this kind of radiation isn’t necessarily toxic in and of itself, prolonged exposure and the severity of this exposure can have a very physical and mental effect on our wellbeing. As I explored in a previous blog, Belyaev et al (2016) provided evidence that long-term exposure to EMFs is a risk factor for diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and male infertility.

If you want to understand how this kind of exposure affects your wellbeing, check this post. Today, I’m going to look at different kinds of EMF protection for your home.

Please remember that while it’s impossible to eliminate your exposure to this kind of radiation completely, you can take certain steps to reduce it.

1. Set limits for how long you use your devices at home—especially at night

Limiting your exposure to your devices at night is not only a form of EMF protection but may also help you get better sleep. Smartphones and other handheld devices are notorious for their blue light, which disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm. This can affect your sleeping patterns.

2. If you’ve got speakers at home, plug them in places that aren’t too close to you

Digital speakers are another kind of household device that appear innocuous but may expose you to greater EMF radiation. While it’s perfectly safe to use them at home, it’s recommended that you plug them away from your desk or in their own corner.

3. Disable the Bluetooth option on your phone if you don’t need it

Smartphones are devices we use on a near-constant basis. This is more so at home, while we mindlessly scroll through social media. If you can relate to this, one form of EMF protection is to disable the Bluetooth option when you don’t need it.

4. If you have a landline, stick with a wired phone rather than a cordless device

While landlines are considered an almost obsolete piece of tech today, you may be surprised to discover that with a cordless device, the radiofrequency (RF) EMF radiation may be higher than you think. If you still need this kind of telephone connection, try and stick with a traditional, wired device.

5. Do your research on EMF protection devices like phone shields and blue light glasses

Today, there’s a ton of products out there that can help you limit your exposure to EMF radiation. Not all are made equal, though, so do your research before you go shopping. If they allow you to make or receive a call, it’s likely you will still be absorbing some RF.

6. Reconsider your smart meter if you have one

While smart meters are an almost standard fixture in many homes, did you know that they may be emitting high-intensity pulses—sometimes up to 190,000 times a day? They can also emit these signals across a considerable distance.

Where possible, I try and recommend as many people to get rid of their smart meters.

7. Try to keep your phone away from your body as much as possible

What I mean here is that you try and reduce the length of time you keep your phone in your pocket or anywhere on your body. It’s almost instinctive for us to keep our phones on us but that doesn’t really help when it comes to EMF protection. If you carry a smartphone, it’s best to keep it at a distance from critical organs in your body. Keep it in a bag away from your person.

8. Try and eliminate dirty electricity from your home

Dirty electricity is another phenomenon that more and more people are becoming aware of.

This is basically electromagnetic interference and refers to the harmful electrical energy that radiates into our living environments as a result of electrical wiring and other devices.

Do some research on which electrical appliances reduce the impact of this phenomenon on your health and add them to your home.

9. Get fresh air and spend as much time outdoors as possible

While this is not really a type of EMF protection for your home, it’s a piece of advice I find myself sharing a lot. As I mentioned, you can’t eliminate EMF radiation completely. What you can do is reduce and manage your exposure to it.

Getting out of your home and spending time with nature is a great habit and a great form of EMF protection too!

10. Work with a building biologist to discover the extent of EMF radiation at home

One final thing you can do to ensure that your EMF protection is doing what it’s supposed to be doing is to find out how extensive this issue is in your home.

Work with a building health assessor who can pinpoint problem areas and make recommendations on what to do.

Work with Building Harmony to boost your EMF protection at home

As a building biologist, I work with many homeowners to identify various issues in their living spaces, including EMF radiation.

If you’re concerned this is a problem in your home, get in touch with me and find out what you can do to make your home a healthier and enriching living environment. I support you with Healthy Home Assessments that investigate various problem areas.