Here’s how to protect yourself from EMF in your home

Our home is the most precious material asset in our life. This means that many of us put a lot of effort into making our homes pleasant and comfortable. Many homeowners, however, fail to realise that comfort does not only come from the best furniture or architectural innovation.

There are a few invisible factors, silent thieves, as I like to call them, that affect the health of your home.

Electromagnetic radiation is one of these factors that can seriously affect our health and wellbeing. Fortunately, homeowners have caught onto this and are growing more conscious of EMF protection.

Today, I receive plenty of inquiries about what EMF radiation is and what can be done to reduce it. In this post, I outline how to protect yourself from EMF in your home.

What are electromagnetic fields or EMFs?

EMF or electromagnetic radiation is a combination of electric and magnetic fields. The exposure to this type of radiation is only problematic when it is prolonged. A few studies out there discuss the health impacts of EMF radiation, and they suggest that long-term exposure can have a very physical and mental effect on our wellbeing.

Man-made technology that emits EMF radiation is becoming a major part of our daily routines. 

From the smartphone that we use every waking minute to the Bluetooth speakers and the Wi-Fi router, we surround ourselves with many devices and appliances that make our lives easier.

The level of radiation these devices and appliances emit isn’t dangerous in the immediate sense. This can vary based on each person, however. Other factors can also make exposure to this level of radiation a serious health hazard. These include:

– The number of devices and appliances in your living spaces
– The duration of exposure to these devices and appliances
– The range and frequencies that we are exposed to

How can exposure to electromagnetic radiation affect you?

In 2002, the International Agency for Research on Cancer appointed a team of scientists to research the health effects of extremely low-frequency radiation. 

The study concluded that extremely low-frequency electromagnetic radiation is a possible carcinogenic factor for humans. The results were based on limited evidence on the relationship between childhood leukaemia and exposure to EMFs.

Certain people also report hypersensitivity to electromagnetic radiation. Some of the most reported symptoms are headaches, body pain, lethargy, tinnitus and heart arrhythmia. According to certain studies, this is a clinical syndrome that typically affects the central nervous system after acute or chronic exposure to EMF radiation.

How do you protect yourself from EMF in your home?

Regardless of the level of research on electromagnetic radiation and its health effects, there are some widely accepted best practices on how to protect yourself from EMF in your home. 

A few best practices for EMF protection from devices and appliances in your home include:

1. Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices at night

Disabling wireless devices like Bluetooth speakers and Wi-Fi routers at night can reduce your exposure to EMF. Focus on getting rid of these devices from your bedroom.

2. Avoid the use of wireless devices

Wireless devices emit a lot more electromagnetic radiation than wired devices. Using wired devices can reduce electromagnetic radiation.

3. Use shielding techniques

Using shielding devices can limit your exposure to EMF. You can use shielding devices like faraday cages, shielding phone cases and blue light blockers for this.

The use of shielding devices should be considered carefully, however. Ad hoc, non-professional installation and monitoring can actually increase your exposure. It should always follow an assessment of your home’s internal and external sources of exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

4. Use your smartphone the right way

Avoid direct contact with your mobile phones as much as possible. Using the airplane mode at night can reduce your level of exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

If you need to be contactable while you are sleeping, keep your phone away from your bed, preferably 1-2 metres away from your head. Better still, keep it out of the room completely.

5. Reduce dirty electricity 

Dirty electricity refers to the harmful electrical energy conducted along electrical wires that deviate from the usual 50/60 Hz frequency. Getting rid of this form of electricity can reduce electromagnetic radiation.

Consult a building biologist for insights on how to protect yourself from EMF in your home

If you are unsure of the levels of radiation in your home, certain tools and assessments can help you figure out how to protect yourself from EMF in your home.  

As a building biologist, I help homeowners protect their homes from EMF radiation by identifying the sources of radiation and the level of radiation present in their living spaces. I provide them with a comprehensive report that guides them on what to do to rectify these issues.

Reach out to Building Harmony and schedule an appointment for an inspection. I advise you on how to protect yourself from EMF in your home if concerning levels of radiation are detected.