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My name is Russell Williams

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I am an ACES-certified Mould Testing Technician and Building Biologist. ACES is the Australian College of Environmental Studies a nationally accredited training provider.

I am qualified to provide an opinion because I have completed a nationally accredited course in Mould testing (BLDBIO605 Conduct a Mould Assessment) and Advanced Diploma of Building Biology (10194NAT) with the Australian College of Environmental Studies (RTO 2174).

My other qualifications include a BSc (Hons) degree in Environmental Studies and a TEC Ordinary Chemical Technicians certificate.

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Russell is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He used instruments to show areas that needed improving

Carlita Casey

Russell was very helpful. His report was extremely detailed and address things we didn’t realise could be issues

David Morgan

We hired Russell to check our office space. We had issues with poor air quality and a really bad electro-climate. His assessment pointed us in the right direction and I’ve noticed that my team is much healthier and happier now – a big thank you to him.

Jake Peters – a big thank you to him!

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