5 reasons why a pre-purchase building inspection will help you in the long run

Our homes and our workplaces are spaces that need to be healthy and enriching so that we are living our best lives. That’s why it’s so important that we take the utmost care when we’re purchasing our homes or workspaces.

As a building biologist, I’m a major advocate of pre-purchase building inspections. This is because the health of your building has a major effect on your health. Science has much to say on this matter.

To give you one example, Belyaev et al (2016) discovered that there is compelling evidence that long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is a risk factor for diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and male infertility!

In this post, I’ve put down a few ways how these assessments may support you. If you have any questions, get in touch with me to find out more.

1. It helps you identify issues in your new space

A common misconception is that new spaces, whether a home or a office, have no issues or “silent thieves”.

Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. The difficulty, here, is that many of these issues may be invisible to the naked eye or other senses, and undetectable unless you have the right tools and knowledge.

A pre-purchase building health inspection will help you identify these issues and make an informed choice whether you want to invest in spaces with significant damage like mould, indoor air pollution or high allergen loads.

2. You identify how you can make your space healthy from the outset

If your intended home or office comes with certain issues you’re confident you can fix or if you’re building an extension, a pre-purchase building inspection will help you identify what you need to do to make your environment healthy.

Building biologists not only provide you with these types of recommendations but also point you in the direction of other specialists or professionals who can rectify these issues.

3. You may be able to negotiate a better deal for your property

Property owners looking to sell may not be aware of the issues affecting their buildings. When it comes to their selling price, they may set a price higher than the real value of the building.

When you have the evidence to back your negotiations, you may be able to ask for a better price.

4. You gain the knowledge you need for ongoing maintenance

Even if the property you’re looking at is free of any issues like mould, dirty electricity, indoor air pollution, or high allergen loads, you gain an understanding of what these are, their effect on your space and health, and what to do to prevent these.

When you work with a building biologist, we give you a basic understanding of common building issues and show you how you can prevent these in your home or office.

5. Identify non-toxic building materials and fixtures for your space

A major benefit of working with a building health assessor is that they may be able to help you identify fixtures and building materials that contribute to a healthier space.

If you’re thinking of furnishing your home or office or doing a little bit of construction, we tell you what you need to know to prevent long-term health issues like exposure to mould spores or EMF radiation, for example.

Work with me for pre-purchase building inspections that help you create healthier spaces

At Building Harmony, I help you make sure that your environments are healthy and safe. When you leave building issues unaddressed, they may lead to mental and physical health conditions that may be without cause or cure.

Get in touch with me today to find out how I support you with Healthy Home Assessments.