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Certified Services Book a Building Biologist Inspection

Our services span various health indicators


The purpose of this assessment is to identify the source of excess moisture and the extent of the spread of mould within your space.With humidity levels around 60%, on average, in Sydney, my building biology services may help you understand if your home is too humid to be healthy.

Electromagnetic field testing

Electromagnetic fields are unseen and invasive in our modern world.

Sources include Wi-Fi, smartphones, Bluetooth computers, and electrical wiring. Many of us are becoming sensitive to their increasing levels of exposure. A review of your home’s electro-climate can shed light on this.

Indoor air pollution

We spend over 90% of our time indoors, yet we worry more about the quality of the air outside, especially in cities.

Odours, dander, dust, allergens, and airborne chemicals make our homes unhealthy. Finding out what is in your air and what can be done to make your air cleaner is one of the most important things to do for you, your family or teams.

Home assessment service

Are you feeling fatigued and don’t know why? Do your loved ones keep falling ill, but doctors struggle to pinpoint the cause? The problem could be in your house.

More specifically, the problem may be the mould in the corner, the dust in the air, and external electromagnetic fields (EMF) sources. These are just some of the problems that could be affecting your health.

Home assessment

Healthy Workplace Assessment

A healthy workplace tends to be a highly productive and energetic environment. This is the same in reverse. Malaise, a lack of enthusiasm, and increasing absenteeism can be symptoms of environmental problems.

Examples of environmental issues that can impact your health and wellbeing include poor ventilation and poor air quality, an unfavourable electro-climate, mould, and excess moisture.

In these cases, you need to invest in identifying these issues and work with building owners and operators to address them. This is what our TAB-Healthy Workplace Assessment helps you achieve.

Professional Referrals

Doctors and other medical professionals sometimes come across patients whose symptoms do not conform to traditional diagnoses and suspect that they may be the result of environmental factors. If you’re a health professional in Sydney and want to add value to your patient care, find out more about Building Harmony’s referral partnerships.

Why should you have your home assessed?

Regardless of whether you’re about to purchase or rent a new property in Sydney or whether you’ve been living in your Sydney home for years, you may want a home assessment if you or your loved ones have fallen sick, are pregnant or you have a baby in the house.

Our assessment covers:

  • Before visiting your home: a fact-finding call leading to the completion of a questionnaire.
  • A brief investigation of the local environment and the identification of external sources of air pollution or land contamination.
  • An examination of the impact of mould on your home including the identification of sources of excess moisture.
  • A review and measurement of external and internal sources of electromagnetic fields that can impact occupants.
  • A review of drinking water sources and an assessment of its potential impact on your health.
  • An assessment of the allergen load in your environment.
  • A review of chemicals and material used, including building material and personal care/cleaning products.
  • An assessment of the impact of mould and moisture, the electrical environment, indoor allergens as well as chemical
  • An onsite inspection and testing of your home and its environment, followed by a discussion of what has been discovered up to that point.
  • The sampling of dust, mould and air, if required.
  • A written report on the results of the assessment, which identifies health hazards and how these can be reduced.
  • A written report on what was found while inspecting your home, which provides recommendations on how to remedy the issues identified.