Work with our building biologist to create a healthy living environment.

    Work with our building biologist to create a healthy living environment.

      Our building biologist specialises in

      Electromagnetic testing

      You may be highly sensitive to electromagnetic fields. We identify the extent of this in your home.

      Mould assessments

      We identify the sources of excess moisture and the extent of the spread of mould in your space.

      Indoor air pollution testing

      We help you find out what’s in your air and what can be done to make the air cleaner for your family.

      Home inspections

      We provide you with a report that details the issues you’re experiencing in your living environment.

      Pre-sale/purchase inspections

      Discover how healthy a house is before you buy it or list it on the market. Cover all your bases.

      Our building biologist also supports

      A review of drinking water sources and an assessment
      of its impact on your health.

      An assessment of the allergen load in
      your living environment.

      A review of the sources of electromagnetic fields
      that are affecting you and your family.

      An examination of the impact of mould and the identification of sources of moisture.

      A written report on your home’s results including health hazards and how these can be reduced.

      A review of the chemicals and building material used, including personal care/cleaning products.

      An investigation of the local environment and the sources of
      air pollution or land contamination.

      An assessment of mould and moisture, the electrical
      environment, and chemical exposure.

      About Building Harmony and our building biologist

      At Building Harmony, we support a healthy lifestyle through our Healthy Home Assessments.

      We conduct various investigations and assessments in your home that examine the impact of mould, electromagnetic fields, and indoor pollution on you and your loved ones.

      Our work is backed by the expertise and experience of our founder, Russell Williams, who is an ACES-certified mould-testing technician and building biologist. He has also completed a recognised course in mould testing and an Advanced Diploma of Building Biology.

      Get closer to a healthier and happier home with the support of an experienced building biologist!

      Find out more about how our building biologist supports your health and wellbeing.

      Your home is where you spend the majority of your time in. It’s where you connect with your loved ones and put your feet up at the end of the day. Imagine, then, if this space is secretly affecting your mental and physical health, causing health issues with no apparent cause or cure.